Crafty Christmas


I wanted to get crafty this year for the holidays.  Before Thanksgiving I started researching different projects.

There were a few interesting creations I found, and then a friend told me about creating ornaments by melting crayons inside of them with a hair dryer.


So, I got my supplies…

image (12)

… and scattered them across the kitchen table (it all did eventually make it into my art room)! I then began my creative endeavor.

image (17)image (7)image (16)image (15)image (14)

image (8)

I was very proud of the results… and all together I made 28 unique gifts! :)


Happy Holidays!



Missing Peace.


Your once dim eyes… bright with transformation.

The clarity of truth aligning what appeared to be a secure structure.

Features reflect curiosity and fervor.

A complete circle… fractures healed.

The duplication of perfectly allocated code.

A universe full of renewal you didn’t know you requested.


Creative Recall: Part 12


The frequency of my creative recall posts has slowed significantly…  Well, in reality the frequency of  my posting has slowed.

Lately, I have had a welcomed and longed for burst in creativity.  We have moved into our new home, we are settled, and I am ready to make use of my “art room” that I always envisioned when we lived in an apartment.

Currently, there is a rough draft of a piece of artwork on my “L” shaped desk in the recently painted yellow room.  That is my project for this rainy weekend.


Moving into a house unearths an incredible amount of treasures to use for these nostalgic posts.  Especially now that Mom and Dad have happily delivered the many boxes of things my lifetime has accumulated.  (Dad’s garage is finally spacious again. :))


One of the treasures I found is a book I created while I was an Elementary Education major at The University of Tampa.




There is some silly stuff…




… and some prose with a more contemplative feel.





Besides a narrative about my uncle (which I will share in the future), this is my favorite creation in the book…



I am in such a place of gratitude… it is beautiful to see that in ten years, not  much has changed about that appreciation.



Momentary Permanence.


I have always had a love/hate relationship with how quickly the present slips into the past.  I get caught up in nostalgia often.  I can forget how truly precious it is to be in this moment.

I had an interesting moment while on the massage table this past week.  I was dreaming, I think… I was relaxed and became conscious of ideas connecting while knots were gently dissipating from my neck.

From the images that were presenting in my mind, I was left with the impression that people as a whole were getting fed up with “quick fixes” that “extend youth” or “melt away pounds.”  I saw piles of these types of products being thrown out by the masses… and a phrase got stuck in my head.  “It isn’t about living forever… it is about living forever, in this moment.”

Not only was the massage I received needed, but so was the message.

I have arrived at a place where I am starting to embrace the amount of decades I have participated in… and I am learning to honor what that means-

*  If I take care of myself, time becomes my friend.  My body/mind improves as my habits do.

*  The time I have known some of my closest friends is a beautiful thing.

*  Buying a house doesn’t have to be an option I reject… looking at how much time has passed and how much we have spent on renting, time can work in a positive way with having our own home.

When I realized that last concept… things started to happen.  The universe seemed to step in and choreographed a beautiful rhythm that we flowed with, and that led us to…




Today, I found artwork at a local antique store that I want to hang in one of the bedrooms that will be my “art room.”  (I am thrilled for that space.)




For me, it takes effort to feel as though time is my companion and not sprinting forward leaving me panting in the dust.

The balance I feel at this place in my life is something to hold onto and cherish.



This moment holds forever- embracing that is our choice.