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Sundays have always been a transitioning day for me. A time for relaxation before facing the week, and also a time to get things in order. I have always struggled with the balance on a Sunday. Today I kept attempting to exert some creative energy, I had a pad and paper in hand as Jerry and I watched Stephen King’s “The Stand”. I made notes about how I still connected to the scene with the Crowded House song “Don’t Dream it’s Over”, as I did when I when I originally watched the mini-series in 1994 at 12 years old. Perhaps that concept will turn into a future rambling, but today it wasn’t happening. My body just kept me from focusing. My mind wanted attention, but my body wanted rest, and there was also the voice in my head saying, “well, shouldn’t you go to the gym today?”

I finally conceded to the fact that today creative energy was not to be cultivated. Then, I received an email.

Dorothea (whose site is linked to my page- she has shared some beautiful pictures and prose recently- please, check it out…) has a mutual friend (a nurse who I worked with previously) who visited Deliciously Alive and then wrote about… me :) When I read her words, they made sense, they humbled me, and they inspired me. With her permission, I am sharing these words now.


I loved Brandy’s site. She is and always has been such a gentle soul. Unfortunately, that gentle soul would not hurt anyone, which is why her digestive is a mess.

She has a great deal of wisdom in her eyes. Her spirit has been a gentle one since it first has visited. She is the spirit that is all knowing, but must carry the burden. This has been her curse. She takes the “pain” of others, without them knowing the benefit she has past to them. When she speaks of wrongs, she means them. It is good to listen to what she has to say. She will keep most conversation light. She will only share deep feelings to very few. This includes her husband, not because she can’t trust him, she chooses not to burden him. For a little one, she carries much in her spirit. She has lived good lives, and she continues to move up in dimension. She knows she is one of the very few blessed ones. Only those that are very blessed can carry the burdens of others. This was a choice she made prior to coming, but her spirit evolves and will learn to keep the “human” healthy. This is her growth. She will be able to do so much more, and will continue through lives to come. She has a light around her, she can feel it, at times she can smell the scent of it. It doesn’t leave her, but she must continue to live and do, to continue to grow into what she is to be. She needs to gentle her soul, do not rush, good things are all around, sometimes we rush and miss them. We will hold her hand close, as we need her.

I remain touched by these words.

Have you ever received feedback that gave you peace/inspiration/overall warm and fuzzy feelings?


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