Kevin Costner + Sam Elliot + Jeff Bridges= my dad <3


My dad leaves tomorrow for a cross-country motorcycle trip, his second in a year. On the first trip, he and two of his brothers went from Colorado to California (and everywhere in between), stopping to camp at all the National Parks along the way.

Tomorrow he sets off for an east coast journey with the same brothers. I wish I could go to document the adventure…alas, I cannot take off work for the month he will be gone. So, in honor of Dad and his trip, a post about the legend himself (who, I have to mention, is an extremely young 70 years-old and I wrote a letter to him to celebrate that milestone last May,

For the previously mentioned trip, Dad built a trailer. The trailer will be attached to his motorcycle and it turns into a place for him to sleep! Here it is morphing from trailer to camper…

My dad, the biker (I am so proud of that :))

Dad doing what he does best… everything :)

A look back…

I get my quirkiness from my dad… :) … (just a sample of his quirks… Dad at the beach with his metal detector and, as he still hides Easter eggs for me, a picture of his hilariously obvious hiding skills…)

“Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.” ~Author Unknown


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  1. I’m dating a guy that looks a lot like Jeff Bridges and Kevin Costner, and sounds a lot like Sam Elliot. I really enjoyed reading this – and glad you have a great relationship with your dad. He’s cute, too! :)


  2. What a renaissance man – biker, drummer, quirky, athletic, strong, sweet. What a lovely tribute to your father. My husband loves his Harley too – and we’re setting off for a 4 month adventure – can’t wait. I wish him a safe ride – every day. Wonderful!

    • :) Love your blog, looks like you are enjoying life to the fullest! Amazing. :) Yes, my dad is an incredible guy. Wow, your 4 month adventure sounds wonderful, you guys be safe- and thanks for wishing the same for my dad!


  3. Great Pictures…

    I think we you can do the things that you want to do – like going cross country for a month, or going to Paris or Rome or London, – you are truly blessed. Blessed to be alive.

    One day, you will plan to take a cross country trip with your dad. And you will enjoy it.

  4. Love picture with the big sideburns. I hate to admit I remember when all the guys had sideburns like that. Brings back good memories.

    Happy SITS Day!

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