Kindred Spirits


I am so grateful for the harmony and balance that blogging and creating has helped me to rediscover over the past few months.  I have come into contact with some inspirational and beautiful people, one of them being Charlotte.  I stumbled upon her blog,, a couple weeks ago and was inspired by her “collection of love stories”.  I immediately contacted her and felt an instant connection.  Her down-to-earth personality and inner-beauty reached me, even though we are miles apart.  Today, my “happily ever after” is posted on her blog…

Thank you, Charlotte. XOXO

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  1. And thank YOU Brandy for contributing such a beautiful story to this series :) I hope one day to find a happy ending much like the one you have with Jerry.

    Best wishes and enjoy the long weekend! XOXO

    • YAY! figured out how to “un-spam” all your comments… awe, you left so many wonderful notes of support, so sorry I missed them!

      I wish for the happiest of endings for you, darling… it will come. <3

      have a wonderful weekend and thank you, again!!


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