Daily Archives: October 2, 2011

Creative Recall: Part 4


The last couple posts in this series have had a bittersweet twist to them… the writings I highlighted were pieces I wrote to honor the passing of loved ones. This post is no exception, it is the short writing I did in homage of my father’s dad, Grandpa Scheble.

I wrote this when I was eleven years-old and the date at the bottom reads, “September 12, 1993″, just over eighteen years ago.

My grandfather passed when I was in fourth grade, and not quite ten years-old, in November of 1991. At the time, my life had been split exactly between two different states. Missouri, where I was born and where my grandfather lived, did not provide an abundance of one-on-one interactions for my dad’s father and me. The summer before he passed, my grandfather and grandmother came to Florida to visit. This visit provided one of the most memorable and special interactions between Grandpa Scheble and me. I documented the visit with this writing, which ended up being published in a book for young writers.