Might as well eat worms…


I am on my 4th day in a row of feeling awesome, physically. 

I know it is kind of ridiculous to celebrate that small amount of time, but for someone with a chronic illness, 4 days of having a minimal amount of symptoms is a beautiful thing. :) 

I feel like I have a positive view on the “disease” that inhabits my intestines… (although I would rather call it my Crohn’s “teacher”, as I expressed in a previous article http://deliciouslyalive.com/2011/08/26/consumed-with-gratitud/) …but I do have days when I retreat inward (and of course those times are when my amazing support system can be utilized). 

I do find myself imagining a life without Crohn’s… a life with a cure for the disease… and that cure consisting of eating worms…


Oh yes… check out this article that was in the local paper yesterday, a co-worker brought it to my attention this morning….


I mean… it makes sense.  I heard many years ago that hand sanitizer was doing more harm than good, and new generations would not have the built-up immunity to fight off common illnesses. 

Also, probiotics restore the balance of flora in our intestines, so isn’t this what the worms would be doing…???


I am anxious to hear the results of this study. 

Hey, give me some ginger ale to wash ‘em down, I’m not above eating worm eggs… especially for the betterment of science and others. :)

Imagine if one day I could write, “I am on my 400th day in a row of feeling awesome, physically. Thanks, worms!”


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  1. i told you about this!!!! Travis read something about it several months back! I say go for it!!!!!….they say the little buggers can cure allergies too…..if so then i am in as well!!!!!!! <3 i love and miss you tons

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