Portrait of a Goddess: Kara


It is a goddess’s birthday today…

I am lucky enough to be related to this incredible woman. Her name is Kara and her mother is my father’s youngest sibling.

(The Scheble siblings. My dad is on the very left, and Kara’s mom is on the very right.)

My cousin is 5 years and 10 months younger than me, but even when she was 15 and I was 21, we connected.  We found common ground in music, mayhem, life philosophy… and eye-shadow.

Kara’s style is unique and she pulls it off without effort…

Her creativity shines through in more than just her look… she is also an artist.

Her talent transfers into the decor that surrounds her…

A true goddess all her life…

A sister and a daughter…

… and so much more…

Happy 24th birthday, lovely. <3

…and please check out Kara’s ETSY site (which is also linked under “Blogroll”)… beautiful jewelry created by a beautiful person…



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  1. YAY!!!!!! you have lots of good pics i dont have!!! i love that picture of me and my mom!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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