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Portrait of a Goddess: Kara


It is a goddess’s birthday today…

I am lucky enough to be related to this incredible woman. Her name is Kara and her mother is my father’s youngest sibling.

(The Scheble siblings. My dad is on the very left, and Kara’s mom is on the very right.)

My cousin is 5 years and 10 months younger than me, but even when she was 15 and I was 21, we connected.  We found common ground in music, mayhem, life philosophy… and eye-shadow.

Kara’s style is unique and she pulls it off without effort…

Her creativity shines through in more than just her look… she is also an artist.

Her talent transfers into the decor that surrounds her…

A true goddess all her life…

A sister and a daughter…

… and so much more…

Happy 24th birthday, lovely. <3

…and please check out Kara’s ETSY site (which is also linked under “Blogroll”)… beautiful jewelry created by a beautiful person…


Self Reminders: Volume 7


*  Stop beating yourself up for things you haven’t done, and start applauding yourself for things you have done.

*  Honor this part of the journey.  Yes, there are people out there in a place that seems to be everything you want for yourself.  Stop comparing!… and remember- “A jug fills drop by drop”- Buddha… (and your jug is getting heavier!)

*  Crock pot dinners are incredible.  Throw all the ingredients in… let it cook.. come home from work, don’t feel like cooking… OH! you don’t have to!  Dinner is ready. :)

Creative Recall: Part 5


We all have our own set of neuroses. At least, I do.

Lately, mine have been sedated by healthy replacements to old habits and thinking patterns.

Less time in an anxious state has opened my mind to somewhat creative/curious/random thoughts…

* How long would it take for Mother Nature to just reclaim roads and buildings if people stopped trimming bushes and mowing lawns?

* What are places like in the middle of the night when no one is there- the scary and deteriorated old building we pass on Highway 40… the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride at Disney World- what if you just woke up in one of those places?

* What are morning routines like for other people? Do they make coffee/tea and relax a bit before showering? Do they take time to stretch? Do they sleep until the last possible second and then furiously put themselves together?

Perhaps I was thinking about these kind of arbitrary thoughts when I created the drawing I am going to share…? I was twelve years old when I drew the image, during the summer break before I began eighth grade. I had just withdrawn myself from the “gifted” program and was about to start back in with the “regular” population- something I was thrilled to do after being segregated (albeit with some amazing individuals) since the third grade.


This drawing is seventeen years old…




I do not think the woman in the picture is me… she has dark hair and green eyes. The other “faces” around her could be other personalities/moods/people…?

Whatever I was trying to express, it is intriguing for me to analyze my history with creativity.


Also- What random thoughts/concepts do you ponder?



Accidental Introspection


* This post was initially intended to become a “Creative Recall” entry… however, the universe wanted me to process and go down a different avenue entirely. I love when clichés prove their significance and life truly happens when you are making other plans. :)

I know my existence is virtually the same as it was a few months ago… but my soul is different, it is becoming more content.

I have so many aspirations for my creativity and for this little space of mine on the internet.  I know I still have a long journey before me… but my soul and the universe are excited that I am on the right path, I can feel their relief.

My conscious mind is more clear, and therefore, my unconscious mind is as well.  My dreams have stopped “sounding the alarms” by waking me with a jolt (just as I was approaching the amount of rest my body needed to recharge), trying to send a message.    No more acknowledging the message and then deleting it.

I’m becoming less passive.  It is interesting because I have always been passive simply because, after honestly analyzing the characteristic, I thought everything would be easier if I would just “go with the flow”.  Fear of people’s reactions and thoughts fueled the pattern.  However, I wasn’t acknowledging any specific identity or developing a healthy opinion on my preferences…  I was sort of just floating through the days.

The thing is though… (duh!) People are going to see me as however they process (depending on their experiences/opinions/thoughts/etc.) anyways- so why not just own who I am?

I feel like I am finally discovering myself for myself.  I was just going along with life and trying and make it simple… then, I’d blow up (at least inside) when things didn’t go the way I thought they would.  Really, how could I have any expectations when I didn’t own the aspects that lead up to the end result(s)?

The not-so-ironic things is, now that I am shifting to stop hiding from who I am, to speak with more mindfulness, and to create/write/share/process through it all, I am left thinking, “this is so easy.”  I am going with my own flow now. :)


Might as well eat worms…


I am on my 4th day in a row of feeling awesome, physically. 

I know it is kind of ridiculous to celebrate that small amount of time, but for someone with a chronic illness, 4 days of having a minimal amount of symptoms is a beautiful thing. :) 

I feel like I have a positive view on the “disease” that inhabits my intestines… (although I would rather call it my Crohn’s “teacher”, as I expressed in a previous article …but I do have days when I retreat inward (and of course those times are when my amazing support system can be utilized). 

I do find myself imagining a life without Crohn’s… a life with a cure for the disease… and that cure consisting of eating worms…


Oh yes… check out this article that was in the local paper yesterday, a co-worker brought it to my attention this morning….

I mean… it makes sense.  I heard many years ago that hand sanitizer was doing more harm than good, and new generations would not have the built-up immunity to fight off common illnesses. 

Also, probiotics restore the balance of flora in our intestines, so isn’t this what the worms would be doing…???


I am anxious to hear the results of this study. 

Hey, give me some ginger ale to wash ‘em down, I’m not above eating worm eggs… especially for the betterment of science and others. :)

Imagine if one day I could write, “I am on my 400th day in a row of feeling awesome, physically. Thanks, worms!”


“Good people”


My husband and I are lucky to know some incredible individuals and have them in our lives. No matter the distance, these people are family (whether genetics are shared or not).

These are the kind of people you can cry with, celebrate with, talk with, be authentic with, etc… These people do not make you feel judged- they listen and see you, and all the gifts you have to offer, and you can easily reciprocate right back.

My husband and I always simplify the description of these amazing individuals by saying that they are “good people”.

We went to dinner with some truly good people last night and I wanted to share a couple silly photos.

Susan and her husband Johnny are the epitome of wonderful.

Susan and I clicked as soon as we met over four years ago (and it truly seems as if we have known each other for a lifetime, or more).

In November 2008, she brought me to the doctor when I was too sick to have the energy to go on my own (she most likely saved my life)… and she has encouraged and supported me in so many other ways since, and before, that situation.

Susan was my sounding board and support during a time when I was virtually alone in a new town, and she has continued to be a “sister from another mister”. :)

I cherish Susan and our friendship, and I am so proud to have such a beautiful bond with her.

Okay, all done with the gooey stuff :)… on to the previously mentioned pictures from last night. Jerry and I sent a comical picture to Susan and Johnny while we were driving to the restaurant, and Susan and Johnny sent one right back!





Lessons from Irrationality


Let yourself get caught up in the BS sometimes.  There is an incredible amount of sincerity in chaos.  People hurting, people struggling… read between the lines.

Be vulnerable.  Say the wrong thing.  Have a “moment”.  Watch what unfurls.  There is beauty there- support from others… realizations about our own feelings…new/deeper relationships.

The BS can jolt you from a funk… a seemingly silly distraction reminding us to realize and cherish what is really important.


Unimpaired Awakening


I was discussing “life patterns” with the incredible Dorothea ( today and it truly renewed my inner fire.  The dynamics we find ourselves in can be shifted- it starts with us… and being aware of our own role(s) in the repeating cycles.

This is what emerged from my “positive inflammation“… :)


A familiar pattern of exploitation.

Once blind to the routine’s dark intent-

Now, focus your gaze.

Absorb suppression, exude liberation.

Use your voice.

Reject the barrage of premeditated phrases.

Remove the hook,

You were not meant to be someone’s bait.

Self Reminders: Volume 6


* Let things flow, don’t force. This is in regards to your energy, your social interactions, your creativity, etc. Pushing these aspects too hard can lead to an unauthentic (and/or unhealthy) experience.

* Are you the one who is actually judging yourself each day… forgetting the beauty that you were a part of the day before and not acknowledging the beauty that you can be a part of tomorrow?

* Even if your energy is at negative 100… even if you just don’t feel like being social… even if you can’t squeeze one creative thought out of your brain… remember: this month marks the year anniversary of being married to the most amazing man you have ever known. Your best friend- the one who reminds you to not force, to not judge yourself, and to just be you.