Daily Archives: November 20, 2011

Creative Recall: Part 8


There is something about the holidays this year.  I feel so incredibly warm and fuzzy about them.  I have this soothing magical feeling that I can close my eyes and access. It is wonderful. :)

This four month (or so) time-frame is reminding me to take it easy- enjoy.  Cherish the people in my life… those who help me find well-being.  Those who induce the magical feeling.

While decorating for Christmas today, I smiled as I unwrapped the ornament pictured below.

Susan and me, in 5th grade.  It was actually Christmastime.  Susan had turned eleven three months prior, I was about to.  This was the year that an amazing bond was formed between us, and that bond is now nineteen years-old.

Putting this decoration on my tree gave me that magical feeling I have been enjoying so much as of late.  I am trying to hold on to those moments where I “get it” and I see the big picture.  Yes, money sucks… and yes, I walk a fine line with my health… but those things can hold too much power, if allowed- and they can drain a person’s energy.  The beautiful people, moments, and connections we get to experience in this life should be allowed to replenish our energy.

… Warm and fuzzy is something money can’t buy and soothes any ache.

Susan, thank you for keeping me focused on the beauty.