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7th Day of the Week.


Ever wonder what our family does for fun? … When the chores are done (or ignorable), money is being saved for our upcoming cruise (woohoo!), and I am marinating with creativity (and prose and art aren’t ready to emerge)…

We make videos of our Halloween-colored, nugget-brained, hopefully Diabetes-free, fluffy (fat), and socially inept feline family member, Chloe.

On this morning of the 7th day of the week, watch Chloe “catch” her catnip filled friends…

… and then watch her get “so active” while playing with her favorite toy…


Unintentional Resolutions.


I try not to make New Year’s Resolutions. I feel bad enough when I am unable to cross something off of my daily (professional and personal) to-do lists. Announcing and committing to multiple intentions has the potential to cause me anxiety and guilt.

However, something about 2012 is different, and it has me energized.

Two themes have been hovering over me as of late and I am feeling bold enough to declare them as my New Year’s Resolutions. Although I am rejecting my natural tendency to get too specific or overanalyze the goals that have announced their presence in my psyche.

Here are my broad and general resolutions for 2012.

The first involves money… and I want to keep it that simple. 1. Save Money… this could be in any facet; 401K, investing, creating a separate savings account… I just want to start putting a little something-something away for oh you know, everything (house, future baby, retirement- okay, I am NOT analyzing it like that, too overwhelming :)). Just keeping it simple, save money. :)

The second resolution has to do with health. Just me promising myself to make little changes… more yoga, more gym, new doctor (my appointment is January 19th!), more healthy food…. and possibly get a yoga certification?

Yoga is therapeutic for me on numerous levels… Which is why this article I read today did not surprise me,8599,1891271,00.html (and I will be researching the yoga-therapy training…. hmmmmmm :))

See! There I go getting too specific again. It is really simple… 1. Save Money 2. Improve My Health.

… and speaking of yoga, here I am having fun with my new, environmentally friendly, yoga mat (A Christmas present from Mom. :)).


Outside yourself.


June 14, 2011 – My first blog post.


July 13, 2011  – After a month of writing, I decided to reach out.  I found other bloggers and contacted  Alexandra at about contributing to her zine.  She sold me in one sentence on her “About Me” page… “I want to do something that I think matters.”


August 15, 2011 – I wrote this in my blog, “I am home from work today because my body made it clear this morning that I needed rest… and I have learned to listen :)”-  That feeling of self-understanding was a triumph for me,… and that same day I wrote the poem and created the artwork that I submitted to Alexandra for her self-published literary (and art) zine.


January 3, 2012  – I am holding my own (signed :)) copy of Be About It, The Triumph issue, that includes my words and artwork!


To see my words and artwork (and the amazing words and artwork of others) check out…. the same day I wrote a poem and created artwork for Alexariters-and-artists-behind-triumph-get.html



Thank you for providing such a creative opportunity.  The imaginative part of my brain is happy to be busy again, and being able to contribute is something I look forward to repeating in the future. :)





Self Reminders: Volume 12


*  Not saying I have ever done this… but, if you fall asleep on the couch before midnight on December 31st, you can always watch your DVR’d episode of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, “count down” to twelve, and get your kiss at 5 pm the next day. :)

*  Enjoy the hustle and bustle… but also take it slow and regain balance.  Allow both actions to foster their own unique ways of healing.

*  Get the message… :)