Magnificent Limbo.


When you are certain things aren’t quite right…

… Things don’t fit you anymore, don’t make you happy, aren’t attuned to your frequency

When your soul is screaming pleads of change (to your gut, to your body, to your emotions)… and that’s all it can do.  Shrieking until it collapses into an apprehensive slumber, only to wake to the same endeavor- BEGGING FOR YOUR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.

When the universe takes time from its infinite tasks to guide your eyes, your gaze, your focus to a new path… one that has the potential to unearth your potential.  Passions that you have kept dormant because of comfort, because of (real and imagined) barriers, because of fear.

Quiet your soul.  Allow it to rest its voice… and fuel it with what it desires.

The universe is showing you… beautiful possibilities await.

Revel in the uncertainty-

It holds certain promise.


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  1. Beautiful words as always. I have truly missed your writing but it’s wonderful to come here, to escape, and soak in your delicious poetry.

    I have a hard time quieting my soul. Try as I might, the fear tends to take over and it’s difficult to remain present in the moment and not feel overwhelmed by the discomfort and the uncertainty. It is the hardest trick I have ever had to learn :)

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