Daily Archives: June 3, 2012

A pair of Geminis.


I overheard a woman telling a story the other day and although I didn’t know her, I almost jumped in on the conversation.

She was describing a scenario where a child was calling out for their mother, and although there were many adults and children around, that child’s mother recognized their offspring’s voice amidst all the chaos.

That connection between families- the indelible link with our exclusive tribe.


I wanted to share with the woman that I knew exactly what she meant…


We can’t choose who we are related to- I find myself saying that frequently working in the counseling field.  It’s true.  There are many people who create a family out of friends or grow up in the type of family that isn’t conducive to frequent contact.


That reality is why I feel even more lucky to be able to say…

My parents might as well have been hand-picked.



Happy birthday to my original and auspicious tribe members, mom and dad. <3