Daily Archives: June 7, 2012

Self Reminders: Volume 17


*  Tap into your childhood.  I have to remind myself to do things that put me in a place where I feel lighthearted and where time passes more slowly, i.e. write with a pencil on lined paper, eat salads with iceberg lettuce (not the bagged stuff), and/or watch The Butcher’s Wife (I was about 9 when I saw it on Cinemax and Demi Moore has such fun, curly blond hair and it’s a tragic love story that ends happily ever after).



*  Please, do not lose the excitement you feel right now.  Stick it in a bottle, open it up every morning… and breathe it in.



*  It’s been kind of amazing how my weekly quotes, perhaps subconsciously, have somehow highlighted the theme of my experiences with others.

Welcomed subliminal messages…