Daily Archives: June 10, 2012

The Reward of Restriction.


A requirement of the symptoms of my Crohn’s Disease is to bring me a gift.  If they are going to hang out with me, the least they can do is impart something positive. :)


I have come to appreciate and enjoy working out.  For me, the benefits help convince me to go to the gym more often than not.

Today, my previously mentioned symptoms just stole my focus as I pushed forward on the elliptical machine.


After fifteen minutes, I returned home.

However, as required, a gift was waiting for me…

…Today a gift of creation-


Get your power from your obstacles.



My Atmosphere


I have been sitting with my pastels and charcoal pencils for a week now.  I even dragged my drawing supplies with me  to work a couple times, in case inspiration struck me.

I did create a doodle on lined paper with permanent marker two days ago, but I still felt like I needed to express something  more picturesque… something with color.


Yesterday, the incredible place where I get to work held a Wellness Expo.   A woman was doing aura photography, and I had my essence captured on film.


Something more picturesque, something with color-